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Welcome to PP Premium Trip

PP Island Day tour is a very popular for the tourist in Phuket at the moment, but there are some difference favorite to do this great trip.

We are willing to give you more detail about PP Island tour Packages as the following.

  • PP Island Tour by Express Boat: The boat to service this trip is quite big with around 150 capacities. By the big boat and many passengers onboard make the trip is very late (all of the passengers must be waited at the pier before leave.) This boat needs about 1.5 Hours cruising to PP Island. Moreover, The boat can not park at Bamboo Island beach or Loh Sama Bay which is the highlight points of day tour. But the price is quite cheap at around 1,500 Baht/Person. (you can bargain for lower price)
  • PP Island + Maya Bay + Bamboo Island by speed boat: This day trip is nicer than the Express Boat, faster (just 45 minutes from Phuket-PP Island) and the speed boat parks on Maya Bay Beach, Monkey Beach and Bamboo Island Beach as well.
    What is the problem of this day trip? ; This trip is the economy day tour; there are too many people on the speed boat (too crowd on the boat.)
    Moreover, if you are the one who need a full valued of the day tour time, you may feel that, many people need to wait (many people) quite long time for Boarding in and Out. You lose too much time for this. And you have too little for snorkeling time. Price: 2,800 Baht/Person. (You can bargain for the better price, or wait some promotion price period)

What is another Choose? The best Day Trip.

Private Premium Day Trip of PP Island by Speed boat
PP Island + Maya Bay + Monkey Beach + Lantee Beach + Lam-Tong, + Bamboo Island by speed boat
  1. Height Standard Speed boat with 2 engines
  2. The capacity of Speed boat at 28 People, but this trip is just your private group.
  3. By this can make get a good seat always and save.
  4. By this limited, you do not have to wait the other too many people and too long
  5. By this limited, you do not have to hurry back to the boat, you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming longer
  6. By this our tour guide can take you to more beautiful place - Lantee Beach, Lam-tong etc.-without crowded
  7. By this VIP Trip, we serve all time Fruits, Snacks and Soft Drinks (Coke, Orange juice, Fresh Water)
  8. By this Premier trip, we have prepared bananas, breads for fishes. To make sure that you can touch and feed the marine life closer.
  9. By Top VIP Class, we serve you a great Buffet Lunch at Holiday In Hotel Restaurant (On Lam-Tong Beach)
  10. By limited passengers, we set up for you with a full of high standard Snorkeling Gears as well as the Flippers.
  11. By this Upper Class Package, we have prepared high expert Caption, Crews and High special English Tour Guide.
  12. By this Top Day trip, our tour guide can control the caption to stop the boat to see when we pass some giant marine life, such as Dolphins, Big Sea turtles or Sharks
  13. By this only, it can make you get “Real Feeling of Sea Snorkeling”
However, before submit the booking, please see all detail of the programs and highlights picture, to make sure that you have booked the right one.

Maya Bay is the point of “Movie the beach” shooting; we do on this trip by park on Maya Bay at the period of Empty Hour (We go when the other back or we go before the other arrival.) By this Top Class make you have more time of discovery the Beach.

Loh-Sama Bay and Pele Cove are the most important of the beach scene; the water is clear like jade mirror. Underwater of this area can be seen from the boat, many kinds of Coral Reef and Fishes.

Viking Cave; the place for the ship of the pirate use for hidden in the past, but not it become to be the place for birds. Good bird’s nest can be found here. Many people take the bird nest to be a luxury meal of Chinese

Monkey Beach; the great thick safari meets the nice beach, but the people always being fun with the Real thick Safari Monkeys. The come to find some thing to eat on the beach.

We serve the Buffet lunch at the restaurant on Lam-Tong beach, the place which you can walk around or do snorkeling from the Beach.

Bamboo Island; the one which is just for this Top Package only take the guest to do snorkeling around the Island, Nice beach, many fishes, many Coral reef and non-crowded.

Why Jc.Tour:

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